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Property damage happens to businesses all the time. Jerks etching into the glass, mirrors, bathroom stalls & doors, elevators etc. Anti-Graffiti film can be applied to many surfaces to protect your property and it's also 99.9% UV Protection.

Commercial property costs a lot of money to replace so if someone tries to etch or tag the property

it will go into the film instead of the property.

The film can then be removed & re-installed which costs a lot less then replacement.

Backed with a Manufacturers Written Warranty against peeling, bubbling, fading or discoloring.

Clear Anti - Graffiti Film 

Common Application Areas

  • Mirrors                    

  • Store Fronts

  • Stall Partitions & Doors

  • Counter Tops

  • Bus Stops

  • Elevators              

  • Escalators

  • Bridges

  • Vending Machines

  • Signage

Heat Rejection Anti - Graffiti Film 

This film is perfect for passenger transport vehicles that want to prevent vandalism & cool the inside at the same time with IR (infrared) Rejection. 

  • Buses - City, Tour & School  

  • Trams / Metro / Mono Rail / Train

  • Airport Shuttles

  • Store Fronts 

Multi - Layer Anti - Graffiti Film 

Great for areas that get vandalized more often that require

more protection. When one gets etched or spray painted just peel off one of four layers & it's clean & ready to go. 

  • Gas Pump Screens

  • Mirrors

  • Menu Screens

  • Advertising Boards

  • Public Map Display Map

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